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By Dr. Scott Rodin    

About ten years ago, my Steward’s Journey board challenged me to consider creating an assessment tool to help Christian leaders understand where they were on their journey of becoming steward leaders. At the same time, doctoral students were starting to ask for an empirical tool that they could use in their research as they studied steward leadership. But, unfortunately, there was nothing out there to help them.

What an incredible challenge!

After nearly five years of work, I am very excited to share that we have launched our new assessment profile for Christian leaders: The Steward Leader KoR-B Freedom Profile©. Your responses to 47 assessment questions determine your current location on becoming a faithful steward leader. But, more importantly, it sets out a plan to help you continue on your journey so that you may be made more in the likeness of Christ in the leadership role to which he has called you.

The assessment creates a robust personal Profile consisting of three parts:

  • Your Assessment Results
  • Your KoR-B FREEDOM Profile©
  • Your Kor-B FREEDOM Plan

Your Assessment Results
The first step in determining your Kor-B Freedom Profile© is your Assessment Map. It measures your progress along seven levels that mark the journey of a steward leader. Your results from these seven levels render a score in three categories: Kingdom Orientation (Ko), Relational Health (R), and Battle Engagement (B).

Your KoR-B FREEDOM Profile©
From your KO, R, and B results, we create your personal FREEDOM Profile, which describes your place on the journey of becoming a steward leader. Your Profile corresponds to the following seven-point scale depicted by the word FREEDOM.

F – First Steps – Leaders at this point on the scale are discovering the journey of becoming a faithful steward leader
R – Recognition – Leaders at this point on the scale recognize the value of the journey and are committed to starting the journey of the faithful steward leader
E1 – Encounter – Leaders at this point on the scale have moved from recognition to the initial act of surrender as they start their journey of becoming a more faithful steward leader
E2 – Engagement – Leaders at this point on the scale are becoming more deeply engaged in the disciplines of the steward leader journey
D – Dedication – At this point on the scale, leaders have made the steward leader journey their highest priority and are committed to the trip at all four levels.
O – Obedience – Leaders at this point on the scale are experiencing a deeper level of surrender and a more boundless experience of freedom as one-kingdom steward leaders
M – Maturing – Leaders at this point on the scale combine the fruit of the Obedience level with a hunger and thirst for continuing growth in their relationship with Christ.

Your Kor-B FREEDOM Plan
For each of your results on the seven KoR-B FREEDOM PROFILE© levels, we offer a next step, a discipline to practice as you continue this journey with Christ. We pray that these seven steps will guide and inspire you as you seek to be a more faithful, joyful steward leader in your life and work.

Here is the free part: As a loyal blog reader, I invite you to take the “KoR-B Freedom Profile©” for FREE! I only request that you email me at and share your thoughts about the assessment and the report you received.

Click here to take the KoR-B FREEDOM PROFILE© for FREE!

We pray you will take the assessment and that it will bless and encourage you as you continue traveling the path of becoming a faithful, free, and joyful steward and steward leader.

The Deep Peace of The King!

Dr. Scott Rodin    

Dr. Rodin is the Founder and Content Expert of the Center for Steward Leader Studies. He also serves as President of Kingdom Life Publishing and Rodin Consulting Inc.

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