The CSLS is excited to announce the launch of the KOR-B Steward Leader FREEDOM Profile© by R. Scott Rodin, the first validated steward leader measurement assessment. The validation process is described in the book, KOR-B Steward Leader Freedom Profile©: Survey Construction and Psychometric Analysis, a copy of which can be downloaded for free.

The KOR-B Steward Leader FREEDOM Profile© is individually created based on responses to 47 assessment questions. It measures your place on your journey to becoming a faithful steward leader. More importantly, it sets out a plan to help you continue on the journey that you may be made more in the likeness of Christ in the leadership role to which He has called you.

Each KOR-B Steward Leader FREEDOM Profile© consists of two important parts:

  1. Your scores in three areas: Kingdom Orientation, Relational Health, and Battle Engagement, which determine your current location in your steward leader journey.
  2. Your individualized FREEDOM Growth Plan based upon your scores. This plan is based on a seven-point scale depicted by the word FREEDOM.
  • First Steps
  • Recognition
  • E1ncounter
  • E2ngagement
  • Dedicated
  • Obedience
  • Maturing