Holy Week Devotional

Are you looking for encouragement and hope in these challenging times? Join us on an eight-day journey through Holy Week as we follow Jesus from Palm Sunday to Easter. 

Dr. Rodin has written this Holy Week devotional series to speak to us as stewards in the midst of the global pandemic. Each day during Holy Week we will post a new devotion.

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In this time of global pandemic, we must let the character of God shine through us as we bear witness to His image and serve our neighbor in humility and love. God’s majesty and His humility, truth and grace, repentance and forgiveness, death and life; for the follower of Jesus this Holy Week, these are held together by the Holy Spirit and comprise our testimony to the world. 

R. Scott Rodin

We hope that you will be challenged, inspired and encouraged as you read along.

Let’s start with the introduction:

It’s Saturday, the week before Passover. Jesus arrives in Bethany to stay with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. His final march to the cross is about to begin, and so is ours. Our Lenten journey now enters its final week. It starts with Jesus on a donkey entering Jerusalem to shouts of, “Hosanna.” It ends with Jesus in a tomb as the world lay silent, mourning.

These are precious days. In the devotions that follow, we will look through the lens of a steward to discover the lessons Jesus has for us on each day of this extraordinary week. Come, let us walk with the Master on the road to glory.