Becoming a Steward Leader in the Marketplace

Biblical, powerful, life-changing

Throughout Scripture the men and women God called to lead were a unique breed. They chose obedience over expediency, dependence on God over self-reliance, faithfulness over worldly success and God-honoring leadership over personal and professional kingdom-building.

These men and women were steward leaders, and our world needs them today more than ever. Five attributes distinguish a steward leader from an owner leader.

  1. Freedom to lead without fear or stress – this is the abundant life God created us to live!
  2. Passion to be a steward of all relationships from co-workers and team members to family
  3. Victory in deepening our relationship with Christ
  4. Confidence to lead with our identity securely in Christ, not in circumstance
  5. Peace about stewarding all the resources God has entrusted to you

If you want to…

  • Know the freedom of the steward leader,
  • Shed the anxiety and stress of owner leadership and experience the abundant life as a leader that Jesus promised,
  • Find a profoundly new level of confidence in who you are and a rekindled passion to lead your people to higher levels of excellence and effectiveness,
  • Be equipped for the battles every leader faces, and 
  • Know the joy of a steward leader set free to lead with a power beyond your own,

…then Becoming a Steward Leader in the Marketplace offers you that opportunity.

Here are the steps in this life-changing process:

  1. Join a cohort of eleven other committed Christian leaders who desire to lead in a radical new way;
  2. Participate in a welcome orientation conference with fellow cohort members and opening remarks by Dr. Scott Rodin, author of The Steward Leader and this training program;
  3. Engage in an 12-week in-depth online learning process that includes video training, cohort interaction and penetrating questions to take you further on your journey of becoming a steward leader;
  4. Meditate on fifty daily devotions, each one with a challenge, call to action and prayer;
  5. Build your own personal Steward Leader Life Plan©, comprised of seven major life and leadership commitments that will stay with you for years to come;
  6. Participate in three, one-hour personal coaching calls with a trained coach who will challenge you to reflect deeply on the issues uncovered in the Steward Leader Life Plan©;
  7. Engage in a closing summit with your fellow cohort members to share what God has done in you and seeks to do through you as you embrace the call to be a steward leader;
  8. Enjoy a full year of support, including access to a training library of 24 additional sessions with Dr. Rodin who will take you deeper into the main issues developed in the training;
  9. Join an international community of steward leader alumni for further networking, encouragement and support.


  • Cohorts are limited to 12 members, carefully vetted to ensure alignment with the goals and challenges of the BSLM;
  • Most sessions are conducted online;
  • Cost is $1,950.

Upcoming Cohorts

At this time there are no upcoming Cohorts – please email to get on a wait list.


Here is what past cohort participants are saying about their experience:

“It’s been great to not only see the effect on myself, but be able to share the message with people around me a see their lives change and I look forward to it further cascade from that.” . . .  
“I would say without a doubt it is probably one of the greatest ROI’s that I’ve experienced personally and that there is a commitment that you have to make but it is not overwhelming and completely worth it.” 

Brad Kurtzweil, Co-President, Stecker Matchine Co.

“I know who I am a child of God and he’s the caretaker of my reputation, so that’s deeply ingrained in me now. And I feel like that I am proud and strong in that area of my life.” . .  
“You’ll take something, more likely multiple things out of this course that will impact your life. It will change your life and you will view people and relationships in a different way than you ever have before and that is life changing.”
. .” 

Lance Morgan, COO, Neurotech, LLC.

“I’ve always felt that everything I have is from God and he equips me to manage it to use it however, but I never realized that he never handed over the title. That he still owns all of it. So that just took the pressure and the burden off me, of having to perform, of having to control, of having to succeed, of having to . . .have everything depending on me.  It doesn’t depend on me.”   . . .
“It’s freedom. It’s just being able to be there for others, because I am not so much worried about myself and how I’m performing and what I am trying to do.” . . .
“[Taking this course] is SO worth it, I just can’t emphasize that enough. I don’t think I’ve spent, other than the time I spent studying for a class that I taught on Hebrews, I don’t think I’ve spent better hours than these last two months.”

Marty Wolf, President, Spectrum Contracting

“The Stewards Journey has significantly helped recalibrate and center me in Christ as a leader. It is so easy to get caught up in all the demands of staff and running an organization that it is easy to neglect my own development. This journey has helped me go deeper in my relationship with Christ and has helped me become a healthier ministry leader.”

Byron Bruckner, CEO, Covenant Youth of Alaska

“I have been deeply impacted by the Steward Journey Course. Each day another link of the chain has fallen off. It was as if the course was written just for me.”

Jim Kizer, CEO, Great Falls Rescue Mission

“This shift [from owner to steward] changed everything for me. My relationships deepened, I am more accountable, confident and free to see my organization grow in areas that on my own, I couldn’t make happen. My organization is better as well as all the people involved, from client, staff, board, volunteer and community member.”

Cindy Wood, CEO, Family Promise of North Idaho

“My experience with BSLE continues to be transforming. The combination of Scott’s leadership and the transparent and encouraging fellowship within the cohort reinforces and deepens the truths of whole-life-stewardship that continue to impact my relationships and responsibilities as a steward-leader. I only wish I had encountered this truth early in my faith and ministry.”

Larry Gadbaugh, CEO, First Image

“When I first joined the BSLE experience I anticipated this would be a refresher to what I already knew from Scott Rodin’s books and previous teaching. However, diving into the BSLE has challenged my soul and understanding of “one kingdom” vs. “two kingdom” living. Through BSLE the Lord has opened my eyes to areas where I hold too tightly and don’t allow his leading and Lordship. I’m incredibly grateful for the BSLE teaching as well as the rich experience of journeying with other cohort members as they wrestled with similar experiences.”

Bobby Arkills, Executive Director, Tacoma Area Youth for Christ

“The BSLE is an opportunity that any leader who truly desires to serve God in their ministry should seriously consider. Embracing steward leadership makes a profound impact on your organization and people. More important, it changes your relationship to God and to others. It has truly been one of the most impactful experiences of my life.”

Julie Olson, Superintendent, Firm Foundation Christian School