Inside-Out Experience

Insight-Out Experience


Faithful stewards experience a life of freedom and joy. This is your opportunity to experience a more deeply biblical and fulfilling way to live.

The Insight-Out Experience presents five insights, encourages engagement with five outcomes, and concludes with a ‘battle plan’ outlining the steps going forward in pursuit of those outcomes. The name denotes both the combination of Insights and Outcomes, and it is also a play on words for a process that changes us from the inside out.

What are the five Insights?

  1. Owner to Steward – One Kingdom Living and Leading
  2. Intimacy with God – Highest Calling
  3. Identity in Christ – Focus
  4. Neighbor as Gift – Nurture and Unfold
  5. Resources and Abundance – Enough

What is included with my purchase?

The highlight of this program is your access to an eight-part video guided by Scott Rodin that gives succinct teachings in each key area of the Insight-Out curriculum. You will also be given the Insight-Out Participant Guidebook as a PDF file to print and download. The guidebook includes your “battle plan” which is your opportunity to summarize your experience and use as a reference as you journey on.

The Insight-Out Experience can also be completed in a group setting with multiple participants. With bulk purchases of 3 or more participants ($25/person), we will include a separate PDF file to download and print called the Insight-Out Facilitator’s Guidebook. This outlines everything a group facilitator would need to successfully facilitate a group through the Insight-Out Experience.

The Insight-Out Experience will lead you on a journey of discovery, discernment and decisions that will impact the way you live and lead.