The Center for Steward Leader Studies is committed to helping God’s people know the freedom and joy of the life of the faithful steward. One of our main areas of work is providing opportunities that will equip you to live this life. Please pray about investing time in one or morel these opportunities.

Online Courses

The Center for Steward Leader Studies hosts two online learning opportunities:

Fifty-Day Journey to Freedom

journeys endCommit 50 days to this engaging study where you will be challenged and inspired to walk more closely with Christ in all four areas of life: our relationship to God, to yourself, to your neighbor and with creation. Through lessons, teaching, Bible study, self examination and journaling you will walk the road to greater freedom as a faithful steward. This is the life God created you to live. Embrace it and see how God will work in you over the next 50 days.

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Becoming a Steward Leader

pathsAre you in a position of leadership? Are you leading as a steward or an owner? This 50-day course will help you understand what it means to lead as a steward leader. Steward leaders are free to lead with courage and humility. This is a process that has transformed leaders around the world. Now it is available in this all-inclusive 50-day course. If God has called you to a leadership position, whether a pastor, non-profit leader, business leader, government or military leader, or as a parent, church leader or community leader, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to discover for yourself the freedom and joy of the steward leader.

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