Africa Steward Leader Initiative

Bringing the teaching of the Center for Steward Leader Studies to the continent of Africa

Steward leadership training is now available in a contextualized format for ministry leaders and laypeople across the continent of Africa. Participants can access and download the same content from the popular two-day Steward Leader seminar that has been presented in more than thirteen African countries and experience it either individually or as a small group.

Understanding the need:

  • Africa now has more Christians than any other continent in the world.
  • The African church is beginning to mobilize for significant involvement in global mission outreach.
  • New African ministry and mission outreach efforts are spawning a new generation of church and para church organizations in need of capable visionary leaders.
  • Although numerous leadership courses are available, many Africans do not always find them helpful, due to a strong Western cultural orientation.

In the past few years we have presented training on Steward Leadership, along with the principles of resource development and ministry sustainability, to some 600 participants, at 30 seminars in 13 African Countries.

What is being offered:

Becoming a Steward Leader is a contextualized, downloadable course that addresses practical issues of leadership in the church, ministry, business, and even the home. It is available in English, French, and Portuguese, making it accessible to virtually all African leaders and laypeople across the continent. The downloadable resources for the course include:

  • A personal guidebook containing lesson material, personal testimonials by key African men and women in current leadership positions, and interactive personal application sections that help the participant create his or her own Steward Life Plan,
  • Three-and-a-half hours of video instruction (available in all three languages) broken down into eight lessons that cover the key themes of steward theology, and
  • A facilitator guide that assists anyone in leading a small group through the course in a multiple week or intensive weekend training experience.

How you can help:

PRAY for the Africa Steward Leadership Initiative as final video recordings and translation work are completed and details are finalized for launching the course on a new website platform.

PARTNER by investing in the sponsorship of one or more of the planned webinars on steward leadership applications that are designed to reach each of the three main African language populations: English, French, and Portuguese. (Estimated cost per webinar is $500.)

Implementing the Initiative:

Jon Lewis is the Director for the Africa Steward Leader Initiative. A veteran international leader with more than forty-four years of ministry experience specifically in Africa, Jon has led more than 30 seminars on steward leadership and related topics and personally witnessed the impact this training has had on African men and women who want to become more effective leaders in their churches, ministries, businesses, and homes.