Ten Reasons Why Steward Leaders Matter

By Dr. Scott Rodin    

Here’s why they’re needed now more than ever.

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At the outset of our two political conventions we seem to be living in a vacuum of honest, humble and trustworthy leadership. As we pray for these days, I offer the following list of attributes of steward leaders. Pray that God will put such people in places of authority and service in our country.

1. Steward leaders let go of reputation and lead with integrity.

They are not burdened or tempted by opportunities for image-building, and so are freed to ask the right questions, hear the truth and make hard and healthy decisions. God, send us such leaders of no reputation.

2. Steward leaders build others up by giving away power.

They delight in success of those around them. They absorb criticism with dignity and deflect praise with joy. God, prepare such leaders for our nation’s service.

3. Steward leaders seek affirmation from only one source.

They are not distracted by the pursuit of worldly acclamation but yearn for the applause of nail scared hands. They will pay the price for speaking truth because they work for the One who is the Truth. God, create such passion to serve you in the hearts of those who pursue leadership.

4. Steward leaders die in order to lead.

They die to the need to be right, best, liked, applauded and promoted. In their place, they simply seek to be faithful. They are leaders who delight in joyful obedience to you. God, raise up such leaders to lead this country.

5. Steward leaders come when called and leave when told.

They are not owners of their position or office. They run for office because you call them and leave when you tell them to. They are free because they find their identity in you not the office they pursue. God, call and send us such leaders.

6. Steward leaders know that victory starts with surrender.

They want only to be obedient to God’s leading for them and the welfare of the people they lead. They know for that to happen they must surrender their own will and seek after that which serves the greater good. God, give us leaders who have the integrity for such surrender.

7. Steward leaders lead with courageous humility.

They hold these two marks in tension and never compromise on either. They are free to lead with both selfless courage and noble humility. God, guide our candidates down this two-fold path.

8. Steward leaders do what is right and trust God with the outcomes.

They are honest without compromise, honor their opponents, admit when they are wrong, refuse to delight in the misfortunes of their enemies, listen to those with whom they disagree and speak the truth with grace. God, send us leaders who can so shape our national dialogue.

9. Steward leaders live and lead with outrageous generosity.

They give freely and without need for recognition. They abhor greed and model for others the heart of a joyful steward. By doing so, they create cultures of selfless generosity. God, help us choose leaders with such generous hearts.

10. Steward leaders redefine success for their people.

They are free to lead people to greater heights of service, selflessness, generosity, peacemaking, community, honesty, integrity and forgiveness. They redefine success in these terms and by doing so help reform and renew a society and culture. God, we so desperately need such leaders today.

Pray, my friends, pray for steward leaders to rise to the top places in our government, our military, our schools, our businesses and our churches. Through such men and women God can restore our country.

Dr. Scott Rodin    

Dr. Rodin is the Founder and Content Expert of the Center for Steward Leader Studies. He also serves as President of Kingdom Life Publishing and Rodin Consulting Inc.

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