Reflecting on 2012: Were you created for more than this?

By Dr. Scott Rodin    

After a particularly hard and frustrating day I will lay in bed and ask of God, “Is this really the kind of life you created me to live?”  Of course, I know the answer. I can go back through my day and hear the Spirit say quietly to me, “Remember that email that caused you so much anxiety?  I have told you to ‘be anxious for nothing’. Is there some part of ‘nothing’ you didn’t understand?”  If I allow him, the Spirit will gently but truthfully expose my pride, my greed and my lack of courageous faith.

As I look back and see missed opportunities to be salt and light, wrong motives and a distracted mind, I can only conclude that somehow I missed a day that could have been special.  I turned 16 hours of God-blessed life into a grind.  I was a poor steward of a precious gift, and my disconsolate spirit at day’s end was the harvest of all that I’d sown throughout the day.

I sigh deeply, repent, and commit myself to do better should God grant me another dawn.

As I enter this last evening of 2012, I wonder if I have the courage to ask the same question on the macro-scale of the entirety of a year gone by?  Do I dare ask of 365 days now completed, “Lord, did I live this year the way you created me to live?” Regardless of how I answer that question or how the year unfolded, there are several things I know with absolute certainty:

1 – Every moment of anxiety was unnecessary and an act of disobedience.

2 – Every fear was a failure of faith.

3 – God had bigger plans for me than I ever even dreamt of.

4 – In every moment of spiritual dryness there was a gushing well right beside me.

5 – There was not one moment, not one nano-second in the entire year when God did not love me with an overwhelming love.

6 – God provided for my every need…kinda like he promised he would.

7 – There were countless moments when God stood ready for me to ask him for help, to look to him for guidance and to seek him for strength, and I responded by relying on my own ability.

As I close out this year I am aware that God has so much more for me in 2013.  That quest starts tomorrow.  For tonight, I will ponder all that God did for me, and all that I refused to let him do in me and through me in 2012.  The future is rich with promise and possibilities, but it starts with a sober reflection on what was missed in the past.  It is a unique annual moment of reflection, honesty and repentance.

Was this year lived the way God created you to live it?  Will you join me in asking that question for yourself?

Dr. Scott Rodin    

Dr. Rodin is the Founder and Content Expert of the Center for Steward Leader Studies. He also serves as President of Kingdom Life Publishing and Rodin Consulting Inc.

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