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Christmas’ Audacious Claim

By Dr. Scott Rodin | December 8, 2023 This blog is adapted from our ebook, ‘Stewarding Christmas’, available for free at https://kingdomlifepublishing.com/product/stewarding-christmas Christmas is a potentially dangerous holiday. There is an audacious claim, an extraordinary truth that lies buried beneath the superficial trappings of our increasingly secularized Christmas celebrations. As ... read on

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Stewarding Grace and the Costliness of Christmas

By Dr. Scott Rodin | December 1, 2023 Christmas is a very costly celebration, or at least it should be. The temptation we face this holiday season is to make Christmas cheap. Let me explain. The Apostle Peter tells the church that they are stewards of the grace of God ... read on

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Thanksgiving Is All in Your Head (or it should be)

By Dr. Scott Rodin | November 23, 2023 The Oxford Dictionary defines thanksgiving as, “the feeling of being happy or grateful because of something.”[1] With all due respect, I think the Oxford Dons got it wrong. What they’ve described is thanksfeeling. If they are right, then it will only take a brief viewing of local, national, ... read on

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Stewarding God’s Truth in an Age of Christophobia

By Dr. Scott Rodin | November 15, 2023 “Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me.” Matthew 24:9 How do we proclaim God’s truth in this post-truth age and rising Christophobia? The Center for Steward ... read on

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By Dr. Brian Simmons | November 9, 2023 THE POWER OF PUTTING FAITH IN ACTION A few years ago, I was blessed by the opportunity to get to know a man of great faith, Jerry Bridges.  Jerry wrote several books for the Navigators including, The Pursuit of Holiness, which sold more ... read on

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By Dr. Marybeth Leavell | October 12, 2023 I was immediately intrigued by the title and focus of this book, A Call to Action. It is accurate in its assessment of the culture and challenging in its assessment of the need. Dr. Scott Rodin articulately declared this need for action in the ... read on

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How God Shapes A Leader

By Dr. Brian Simmons | October 5, 2023 God Shapes Us In The Valleys Of Life A few years ago, I remember one particular Bible study meeting when we were discussing the valleys of life and what shapes us.  An older gentleman in his mid-eighties who rarely said anything spoke ... read on

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Before and Becoming

By Dr. Scott Rodin | September 28, 2023 Stuck as the ‘Before’ Picture We’ve all seen advertisers use ‘before and after’ pictures to show the effect of everything from weight loss programs to plastic surgery procedures, closet organizers to auto refinishing services. We love the after images; slim waistline, wrinkle-free ... read on

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Of Warriors and Weathervanes

By Dr. Scott Rodin | September 21, 2023 In the book of Ephesians, Paul paints a graphic portrait of the Jesus follower who is prepared to take a stand against the enemy. In chapter 6 he admonishes us to, “be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the ... read on

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By Andrea Capuyan | September 14, 2023 As a steward, my choice to pause and meditate allows me to continually calibrate my heart and mind to the Master’s voice. The spiritual practices of prayer, contemplation, and reflection strengthen the bond of trust between me and God, my owner. Because ... read on