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Steward Leadership, Work, and Life Calling Come Together

By Dr. Brian Simmons | During seasons of rest from work, it is essential to reflect and bring what matters most all together. Even God rested from His work of creation! Human beings, created in God’s image, find meaning and purpose in work. And, like God, it is important to ... read on

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Stewards of the Reign of Peace

By Dr. Scott Rodin | As you read these first few words of this blog, something is ruling in your heart. Right now, something has a hold of you and its reign is dominating your thoughts, your emotions, and your attitude. What has dominion in your heart at this moment? ... read on

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By Dr. Brian Simmons | Here is a biblical principle for transitions that is true on a personal and professional level. “The Lord directs the steps of the godly.  He delights in every detail of lives!” Psalm 37:23-4  Transition Defined             A transition is a change or shift from one state, ... read on

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Stewarding God’s Truth in an Age of Christophobia

By Dr. Scott Rodin | November 15, 2023 “Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me.” Matthew 24:9 How do we proclaim God’s truth in this post-truth age and rising Christophobia? The Center for Steward ... read on

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By Dr. Brian Simmons | November 9, 2023 THE POWER OF PUTTING FAITH IN ACTION A few years ago, I was blessed by the opportunity to get to know a man of great faith, Jerry Bridges.  Jerry wrote several books for the Navigators including, The Pursuit of Holiness, which sold more ... read on

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By Dr. Marybeth Leavell | October 12, 2023 I was immediately intrigued by the title and focus of this book, A Call to Action. It is accurate in its assessment of the culture and challenging in its assessment of the need. Dr. Scott Rodin articulately declared this need for action in the ... read on

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How God Shapes A Leader

By Dr. Brian Simmons | October 5, 2023 God Shapes Us In The Valleys Of Life A few years ago, I remember one particular Bible study meeting when we were discussing the valleys of life and what shapes us.  An older gentleman in his mid-eighties who rarely said anything spoke ... read on

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Sometimes Leaders Lose Their Way

By Dr. Scott Rodin | June 21, 2023 Sometimes leaders lose their way. Amidst personnel challenges, cultural pressures, financial uncertainties, and self-doubt, we can muddle along, unsure where we are going. Unexpected challenges, unsuccessful strategies, criticism of our best efforts, and rapid change can bring us uncertainty, lack of direction, ... read on

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How a Jar of Dirt Can Save America

By Dr. Scott Rodin | It’s difficult to enter 2023 without some sense of foreboding. We seem to be living in an unrelenting tension between our firm conviction that God is on the throne, and the evidence of a nation that is spinning out of control. Every morning when I ... read on

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For Such a Time as This: Stewarding Our Relationship With Creation

By Dr. Scott Rodin | The Four Created Relationships: Our Relationship With Creation.

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